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Simulated microstructures of gamma' precipitates in cobalt-based superalloys

Jokisaari, Andrea M.; Naghavi, Shahab; Wolverton, Chris; Voorhees, Peter W.; Heinonen, Olle G.
DOI: 10.18126/M2Q33X
Year: 2017

Atom Probe Tomography Analysis of Ag Doping in 2D Layered Material (PbSe)5(Bi2Se3)3

Ren, Xiaochen; Singh, Arunima K.; Fang, Lei; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.; Tavazza, Francesca; Davydov, Albert V.; Lauhon, Lincoln J.
Organizations: CHiMaD
DOI: 10.18126/M2MS3W
Year: 2017

Dataset for Comparing Zwitterionic and PEG Exteriors of Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles

Ting, Jeffrey; Marras, Alexander; Mitchell, Joseph; Campagna, Trinity; Tirrell, Matthew
Organizations: MDF Open
DOI: 10.18126/n4un-6usf
Year: 2020

Physical Property Scaling Relationships for Polyelectrolyte Complex Micelles

Marras, Alexander E.; Campagna, Trinity R.; Vieregg, Jeffrey R.; Tirrell, Matthew V.
Organizations: MDF Open
DOI: 10.18126/gtyw-0yag
Year: 2022