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Dataset for "Load-partitioning in an Oxide Dispersion-strengthened 310 Steel at Elevated Temperatures"

Miao, Yinbin; Mo, Kun; Zhou, Zhangjian; Liu, Xiang; Lan, Kuan-Che; Zhang, Guangming; Park, Jun-Sang; Almer, Jonathan; Stubbins, James
DOI: 10.18126/M28G6T
Year: 2016

Simulated microstructures of gamma' precipitates in cobalt-based superalloys

Jokisaari, Andrea M.; Naghavi, Shahab; Wolverton, Chris; Voorhees, Peter W.; Heinonen, Olle G.
DOI: 10.18126/M2Q33X
Year: 2017

Coarsening of a semisolid Al-Cu alloy

Dake, Jules; Oddershede, Jette; Sørensen, Henning; Werz, Thomas; Shatto, J. Cole; Uesugi, Kentaro; Schmidt, Søren; Krill III, Carl
DOI: 10.18126/M25P46
Year: 2016

Far field high energy diffraction data for "Study of slip activity in a Mg-Y alloy by in situ high energy X-ray diffraction microscopy and elastic viscoplastic self-consistent modeling"

Wang, Leyun; Huang, Zhonghe; Wang, Huamiao; Maldar, Alireza; Yi, Sangbong; Park, Jun-Sang; Kenesei, Peter; Lilleodden, Erica; Zeng, Xiaoqin
DOI: 10.18126/M2Z05T
Year: 2018

Crystallographic character of grain boundaries resistant to hydrogen-assisted fracture in Ni-base alloy 725

Hanson, John P.; Bagri, Akbar; Lind, Jonathan; Kenesei, Peter; Suter, Robert M.; Gradečak, Silvija; Demkowicz, Michael J.
DOI: 10.18126/M2063F
Year: 2018

Dataset for Determination of Residual Stress in a Microtextured Alpha-titanium Component using High Energy Synchrotron X-ray

Park, Jun-Sang; Ray, Atish K.; Dawson, Paul R.; Lienert, Ulrich; Miller, Matthew P.
DOI: 10.18126/M2H591
Year: 2016

On the kinetic and equilibrium shapes of icosahedral Al71Pd19Mn10 quasicrystals

Senabulya, Nancy; Xiao, Xianghui; Han, Insung; Shahani, Ashwin J.
DOI: 10.18126/M2J053
Year: 2017

Grain Structure, Grain-averaged Lattice Strains, and Macro-scale Strain Data for Superelastic Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy Polycrystal Loaded in Tension

Paranjape, Harshad M.; Paul, Partha P.; Sharma, Hemant; Kenesei, Peter; Park, Jun-Sang; Duerig, T.W.; Brinson, L. Catherine; Stebner, Aaron P.
DOI: 10.18126/M2NK5W
Year: 2017

Twin-mediated Crystal Growth: an Enigma Resolved

Shahani, Ashwin; Gulsoy, E. Begum; Poulsen, Stefan O.; Xiao, Xianghui; Voorhees, Peter W.
Organizations: CHiMaD
DOI: 10.18126/M2301J
Year: 2016