Clustering Diffraction Vectors from Overlapping Structures in 4D STEM Data Sets

Carter Francis, Paul M. Voyles


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The following contains two folders containing the raw and processed data for the Paper Clustering Diffraction Vectors from Overlapping Structures in 4-D STEM Data Sets There are 4 datasets included. The first three datasets are from a PdCuSi thin film sputtered metallic glasses: 1. 4nmSample2pt5mradCompressed.zspy 2. 9nmSample2pt5mradCompressed.zspy 3. 13nmSample2pt5mradCompressed.zspy The last dataset is an Al nano crystal standard sample. All of the datasets are saved in the .zspy file format (defined in the rosettasciio package) using the Zarr.ZipStore formalism. If you want to load the data first install hyperspy ``` $pip install hyperspy or $conda install hyperspy Then you can load the data using:python import hyperspy.api as hs import zarr store = zarr.ZipStore("file_you_want_to_read.zspy") s = hs.load(store, lazy=True) # lazy so you don't load the entire data into memory