DECIMER - Hand-drawn molecule images dataset

Brinkhaus, Henning Otto; Zielesny, Achim; Steinbeck, Christoph; Rajan, Kohulan


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10.18126/k0pm-4alm View on Datacite
The translation of images of chemical structures into machine-readable representations of the depicted molecules is known as optical chemical structure recognition (OCSR). There has been a lot of progress over the last three decades in this field, but the development of systems for the recognition of complex hand-drawn structure depictions is still at the beginning. Currently, there is no data for the systematic evaluation of OCSR methods on hand-drawn structures available. Here we present DECIMER - Hand-drawn molecule images, a standardised, openly available benchmark dataset of 5088 hand-drawn depictions of diversely picked chemical structures. Every structure depiction in the dataset is mapped to a machine-readable representation of the underlying molecule. The dataset is openly available and published under the CC-BY 4.0 licence which applies very few limitations. We hope that it will contribute to the further development of the field.