Dataset for Minimally Rigid Clusters in Dense Suspension Flow

van der Naald, Michael; Singh, Abhi; Eid, Toka; Tang, Kenan; de Pablo, Juan J.; Jaeger, Heinrich M.


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"Mike van der Naald" <> "Abhi Singh" <>


10.18126/xpcw-kgpv View on Datacite
Rigid Clusters in Dense Suspension Materials Database The database includes simulated rheology for two dimensional shear thickening suspensions with various sliding friction values and number of particles, initially generated and analyzed for the paper “Minimally Rigid Clusters in Dense Suspension Flow” ( All data was generated using LF_DEM (, which is a state of the art tool for simulating dense suspension flow in both two and three dimensions. All analysis was done using in-house code that can be found here For this paper we focused on suspensions in two dimensions with hydrodynamic forces, normal repulsive force, and a frictional contact force. This repository contains all of the data needed to reproduce all figures from the paper. In addition to this “README” file there is a “” that shows how some of the data can be read and manipulated.