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Systematic Improvement of DMC Calculations in Transition Metal Oxides: sCI-Driven Wavefunction Optimization for Reliable Band Gaps

Shin, Hyeondeok; Gasperich, Kevin; Rojas, Tomas; Ngo, Anh T.; Krogel, Jaron T.; Benali, Anouar
DOI: 10.18126/z20s-pg52
Year: 2024

In-Situ MCT of Loaded Parachute Textiles: MIL-C-7020 T.III and MIL-C-44378 T.II

Phillippe, Cutler; Villafañe, Laura; Panerai, Francesco
DOI: 10.18126/82fx-q319
Year: 2024

Clustering Diffraction Vectors from Overlapping Structures in 4D STEM Data Sets

Carter Francis, Paul M. Voyles
Organizations: MDF Open
DOI: 10.18126/z6m9-o3hv
Year: 2024

Assembling Vertical Block Copolymer Nanopores via Solvent Vapor Annealing on Homopolymer Functionalized Substrates

Beatrice Bellini Semih Cetindag, Esther H. R. Tsai, Ruipeng Li, Kim Kisslinger, Sanat K Kumar, Gregory S. Doerk, Jasmine R. Willard
DOI: 10.18126/4fsm-dj55
Year: 2024

Adhesion and Motility Quantification to Assess Cancer Cell Aggression

Mehanna, Lauren E.; Boyd, James D.; Walker, Chloe G.; Osborne, Adrianna R.; Grady, Martha E.; Berron, Brad J.
DOI: 10.18126/2zmk-n291
Year: 2024

Processing Polyelectrolyte Complexes with Deep Eutectic Solvents

Chen, YuLing; Shull, Kenneth R.
DOI: 10.18126/kqj3-jg60
Year: 2024

Data for: Learning Orderings in Crystalline Materials with Symmetry-Aware Graph Neural Networks

Peng, Jiayu; Damewood, James; Karaguesian, Jessica; Lunger, Jaclyn R.; Gómez-Bombarelli, Rafael
DOI: 10.18126/3hyv-5a38
Year: 2024

Using X-ray computed microtomography to determine subsample-specific cosmogenic noble gas production rates of E (enstatite) chondrites

Mijjum, Moshammat; Andrews, Benjamin J.; McCoy, Timothy J.; Corrigan, Catherine M.; Caffee, Marc W.; Tremblay, Marissa M.
DOI: 10.18126/b873-4886
Year: 2024

Instantaneous center of rotation dataset

Safrany-Fark, Arpad; Nagy, Antal; Laczi, Balazs
DOI: 10.18126/q7gw-3b94
Year: 2024

Probing Light-Matter Interactions: Fluorescence Lifetime Manipulation in Crystalline Colloidal Arrays

Jones, Haley W.; Bandera, Yuriy; Foulger, Stephen H.
DOI: 10.18126/xmtx-kr57
Year: 2024